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Do you see yourself being involved in this project!

Do you know any indigenous people that have a compelling story to share?** Hello! My name is Bill Williams. I am owner of BGW Film Studios. We focus on the self-reliance and independence of the indigenous people by creating documentary films that highlight students and professionals. So far, we have interviewed a business owner, who not only carves, he also teaches young people to carve. What do you think?



Production Co. Owner / Producer / Director / Director of Photography / Cinematographer / Videographer / Video, Sound, and Music Editor / Screen Writer and Distributor at BGW Film Studio.


If you want to be a part of this project, let us know: .


To do this documentary I am looking for a better camera to do this project, similar to the one shown below.  If you can help, let us know: .



message from the Producer/Director

I want to do this film, because I don't see too many Documentary's or Films out that show and talk about the accomplishments of the First Nation's People.  Project we are working on is a documentary on the Indigenous Success Stories, those that are doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, and others in the professional field.  Those that are in secondary, and post-secondary, indigenous people that have their own business, those that are in the film, television, and the arts industry.



Bill Williams interviewed by DrummanWordman at Si'em' nu Ts' lhhwulmuhw Radio Station